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Attack Blue 3.06" x 14" DRY NANO Performance Filter- w/Screen

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Your Price: $124.95
Part Number: 1100-102T
 Nanofiber technology for the best filtration and air flow .
• Captures dirt down to sub micron levels!  
• Engineered for more power & torque
 DRY (non oiled) filter media 
 Washable & reusable! Just soap/water. No oils or chemicals used! 
• Built In Support Screen 
• O.D. 14"   -  I.D 12"   -  Overall height 3.06"

More Protection, More Power !

Until now, that phrase was an oxymoron.  You either got one or the other.  Attack Blue’s new proprietary Dry Nanotechnology provides the absolute best filtration and flows the most air for power over other traditional media.

Its a fact that nanofibers provide the absolute best filtration while flowing the most air over traditional paper, gauze or cotton oiled fibers. This is indisputable
Attack blue now offers our nanotechnology for our 14" round filters. 

Our filters are engineered to produce power and help prevent premature engine wear by providing outstanding filtration. 
Nanofibers are ultra fine, so much smaller and thinner than traditional spun fibers. This allows you to pack more filtering media in the same amount of space which flows air but creates a treacherous path for dirt & debris which gets caught up and captured. 
Nanofibers feeds your engine air while capturing dirt down to an unbelievable SUB-micron level.  

The Attack Blue's engineered filter media is dry washable and reusable. To clean, just use soap and water!  NO oils, NO chemicals needed to clean or treat the filter. So besides saving you money, you have the ability to run on a clean, non oiled, free flowing filter more often. 

This filter has a sturdy screen in place for intakes or covers which require more support.

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