Cleaning & Filter Care

For optimum performance it is recommended to clean the filter every year or 10,000 miles. Whichever comes first. We recommend replacing the filter after 50,000 miles.

 (1) Shake or tap the filter to remove any large particles of dirt/bugs/leaves that might have gotten trapped in the material. You can vacuum around the outer face of the filter (never suck/pull dirt into the filter) to maximize dirt removal use a vacuum on this side . Be careful not to rub the filter pleats with your vacuum cleaner too hard. You can damage the filter. Using a vacuum with too much suction may damage the filter too. We do not recommend compressed air be used as a high concentration of air in a small area could cause premature failure.

(2) Fill a bucket with some dish soap (Dawn or similar) 1-2 tablespoons of soap per gallon and add water. Gently mix. Place the filter into the bucket with the cleaning solution and let it soak for 8-10 minutes. Slightly agitate during the soak time. This is the recommended way to clean the filter.

(3) Rinse out the air filter with a low pressure stream of water from the inside of the filter out pushing out any remaining dirt. Do not use a pressure cleaner on the filter

(4) Once rinsed thoroughly shake the filter to get most of the water out of it or use a wet-dry vac around the outer face and then let it dry. Be careful, using a dry vac with too much suction may damage the filter too. Do not use a hair dryer, compressed air or any other kind of heat source to dry the filter.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the filter is completely dry before reinstalling.

 Check for wear or damage before re- installing