Why Attack Blue

Why Attack Blue?
It took 2 years and two laboratories to create what we feel is the best media for Automotive air filters in the world.
What separates us from all the other aftermarket filters is the use of our proprietary Dry Nanofiber Technology. You're probably thinking, "That's nothing more than just some fancy buzz words used for advertising"... but its actually not.

Nanofiber Media
It is a fact, that Nano fibers and the use of Nano technology creates a far superior means of filtration over traditional spun fibers. It's why its used more and more by NASA , the space industry, automotive, health care and medical field applications.
Nanofibers are ultra-fine, so much smaller and thinner than traditional spun fibers on conventional air filters. This allows you to pack more filtering media in the same amount of space which will still allow air to flow but it creates a treacherous path for dirt, dust and harmful particles which get caught and captured.
We pride ourselves on our own engineered blended media, which out performed even our own expectations.  

Per the Machinery lube white paper; 1 micron particle can still cause a high rate of wear within an engine as it gets trapped in the oil film that gets between the piston ring and cylinder wall.
Less than 1% of ISO coarse dust is 1 micron. Roughly 85% is 10 mic to 120mic. Since the ISO 5011 test does not have the ability to provide valuable performance data at the most critical particle size, we chose not to use it.
Instead, to receive the data we needed, we went with the more stringent ASHRAE 52.2, which its testing and rating standard has proven to be the best measure available.
Independent testing shows Attack Blue's dry media not only catching dirt smaller than 1 micron, but particulate at 0.3 sub-micron which is the size of some bacteria!

Now Its Time To Make Some Power!
Its a great feeling when you know you can gain some horsies by a simple change of an air filter. Once again the use of our proprietary dry nanofiber media has yet another advantage. Along with it's amazing filtration properties explained above, our media also allows a plethora of air to still flow through to feed your engine and create power. 
Yes, all that filtration plus more air!  What more can you want from an auto aftermarket air filter!  You absolutely get the best of both worlds!

A Better Design
Our team enjoys thinking out of the box. In many cases, we incorporate our unique patented pending designs which help increase power & torque. All our filters are robust & designed to replace the factory filter and fit impeccably into your stock O.E air box.
When designing a performance filter we also take "drivability" into account. Its extremely important how the car reacts with our filters installed. Not just at WOT but simply driving around town and in stop & go traffic.  We test, monitor and log these realistic and important scenarios which play into the designs of our filters.
The end result is a nice smooth quick reacting "surge free" filter that protects your investment.

Yes sound... People have noticed their exhaust being a little more louder and or aggressive during a cold start but more so, when they laid their foot into it.   Feeding your performance car more air would unleash power and have a tendency to do that...

Dry - Washable & Reusable
Attack Blue filters use an engineered proprietary dry washable and reusable media. We feel "Dry" is far superior over any oiled media. This way there is absolutely no way to foul any electronical sensors. 
To clean, just use soap and water!  NO oils, NO chemicals needed to buy or use. . Besides saving you money, you have the ability to run on a clean free flowing filter more often. 

Not All Dry Filters Are Nanofiber.
There are "dry" air filters but that does not mean they use nanofiber technology.  Some simply "layer up" other types of media to help achieve a better level of filtration without the use of oil as a tackifier (to grab dirt). In doing so, this could greatly prohibit air flow. 
That's not the case with our proprietary blend of microscopic Nano fibers.  Nothing but outstanding filtration and free flowing volumes of air.  

With many companies providing aftermarket air filters, we wanted to present to you our line of filters with the hopes you might considering us in the future.